Frequently Asked Questions

This highly depends on a few factors. Including the length of video, style, and the amount of revisions requested by the client. If the client is happy and approves each stage quickly, it can be done in 3-4 weeks. 

This highly depends on a few factors including the length, style and deadline for the video. On average it can cost around $3,000 for a 60 second video, but again, can vary depending on needs.

We can create animated explainer videos for ANY business. We are highly experienced in a variety of industries and can tailor make animated explainer videos for anyone. 


If you'd like to see examples of a certain style of video for a certain industry, just reach out to brent@thriveanimations.com and ask for some demos.

Yes! You can post the completed video wherever you like. Once everything is approved, we send you a Google Drive link, with the HD video inside for you to download and use wherever you wish.

Yes we do. If you have any friends or connections that you think would be interested in a service like ours, please CC brent@thriveanimations.com in an email with the person you are referring, and if the sale is closed you will receive 20% of the sale amount!

Yes we do! We are expanding our team and abilities rapidly. As of right now, we offer logo design, and website building. 


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